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I love my bracelets, they made me feel so pretty!

C. G.
The flower studs are gorgeous! Simple colours, go with anything, so easy to dress up or dress down! They are the perfect addition to my accessory collection for spring. Another beautiful job by Emi!

I love my earrings!


I am in love with my earrings


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Handmade Rainbow Natural Gemstone 7-Bead Chakra Bracelet
Handmade Rainbow Natural Gemstone 7-Bead Chakra Bracelet
Handmade Rainbow Natural Gemstone 7-Bead Chakra Bracelet
Each gem contains a hidden ability to aid in spiritual growth, release negative energy, and restore the body’s equilibrium.
Handmade Cleansing Aquamarine Cylinder Beads & Rose Gold Hematite Bracelet
Handmade Cleansing Aquamarine Cylinder Beads & Rose Gold Hematite Bracelet
Handmade Cleansing Aquamarine Cylinder Beads & Rose Gold Hematite Bracelet
Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, making this stunning handmade gemstone bracelet a great gift to give to a loved one.

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I started on the handmade jewelry journey when I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child :) Jewelries have always been a form of expression for me. As you might know, jewelries have the ability to uplift your spirit, mood, turn an otherwise drab outfit into a spectacular one and turn a low day into a high one. As a result of this, I was a frequent shopper at the local thrift store searching for fabulous finds. Whenever I went into work, I would get questioned if I made the piece I was wearing, the answer used to be no. Then I would be asked where I got them from. I started out buying from the local thrift store and selling to friends. Then I tried my hands on making my own earrings. I watched a lot of online tutorials and started out from there. The first pair of earrings was a single strand, 3 bead piece pair and did I have difficulty making a loop! I finally got it right after several tries and trimming my nails :) Well, I have not looked back ever since and it has been a complete JOY! Your support not only helps support a family of 5, but it gives me the opportunity to keep doing what I want to do; which is beading :)

Jewelry by ENZ is a small handmade business specialized in making beaded jewelries; bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings. Our bracelets and necklaces are made using gemstones of the best quality. Our earrings and anklets are hand sewn with intricate details and great care.

Whatever you choose to buy from me, be rest assured that you will feel special and will enjoy the whole buying experience.

I stand by my craft and offer a lifetime warranty on all my products.

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